Tectonic's Foundations Program

[Coach Gabriel guiding Tectonic Athlete Amy through positional awareness work in handstand push up progressions.]

[Coach Gabriel guiding Tectonic Athlete Amy through positional awareness work in handstand push up progressions.]


Five Foundations Sessions

CrossFit regularly utilizes functional movements that involve a learning curve. The vast majority of this instruction, refinement, and development occurs with athletes in the day to day CrossFit classes with consistent coaching and our programming structure. However, to set people up for success on a sustainable road to progress, all participants new to Tectonic CrossFit begin by going through our Foundations program.


The Foundations program introduces essential movements that new athletes will encounter in regular CrossFit programming. It builds understanding by guiding athletes through proper position & sound movement mechanics with absolute control. While Foundations athletes will not master new movements within a session, they will build the right base for continued practice. 

  1. Instruct proper fundamental movement patterns

  2. Assess body awareness & baseline fitness levels

  3. Identify individual movement restrictions & any history of injury

  4. Evaluate best coaching practices for the individual athlete's needs

  5. Introduce new participants to challenging, but highly manageable workouts to familiarize them with the training paradigm they can expect in regular classes


Five classes comprise our Foundations curriculum; sessions introduce two to four fundamental movements and conclude with a conditioning workout. The timeslots available for Foundations can be found in our schedule.


Typically, upon completion of Foundations, we encourage athletes to begin taking our CrossFit classes. However, we do occasionally suggest or permit folks to extend their time in Foundations if requested and/or appropriate.

Athletes new to Tectonic who self-describe as having substantial previous CrossFit experience and/or an extensive background in the sports of weightlifting, powerlifting, and/or gymnastics may elect to schedule a movement evaluation with our coaching staff in order to bypass participation in Foundations. The movement evaluation is a single 60-minute session spent performing the primary movements in our Foundations curriculum, for the coach to discern whether or not the next best step would be for the athlete to begin training in the CrossFit classes, to take the entire Foundations program, or to attend a specific subset of classes in Foundations before hopping into regular CrossFit classes.