Weekly Open House Workout: Saturdays from 10am - 11 am

A free weekly class for anyone new to CrossFit! This non-technical, introductory session is fully coached, and provides an introductory exposure to high intensity, functional movement, as well as a Q&A opportunity to learn more about CrossFit basics, on-boarding into our Foundations program, and becoming an athlete at Tectonic CrossFit.

Tectonic athletes, friends, & family are also welcome.


1. Basic introduction to training structure & methodology

2. First exposure to Tectonic coaching in real-time

3. Perform manageable functional movement patterns in a low-pressure atmosphere with no commitments

4. A free, simple, effective Saturday workout

5. Ask questions, articulate concerns, and get specific answers

Tectonic Athletes train movements that improve functional capacity, connect with growth-minded people, and recover in a considered way.