Tectonic Travel WODs

We love that you are thinking about ways to keep your fitness engine running while you're out of town.

Whether you're on the road for work, on a family trip, or traveling for a personal vacation, we're here to support your training consistency -- to maintain the fitness that you work so hard to build with us from week to week.

Below you will find Tectonic's suggested guidelines for squeezing in some fitness while you're traveling, in order of optimal training prioritization. Of course, it will come down to the purpose of your trip (sometimes you really just need down time!), your schedule (busy itineraries), and your access to facilities and equipment.

Whatever you opt to do, let your travel workouts serve as a stress-free energy booster, make sure you warm-up & prepare your body appropriately for whatever your workout is, and focus on quality movement as much much as you emphasize hitting intensity!


1. Contact a Nearby Box with Open Gym accessible to Drop-Ins.

Feel free to email us and we can send you Tectonic's programming in advance for the period you will be away, so you can get it done independently at another facility. This will maximize your continuity of training, especially important when we are in training blocks that follow a specific weekly progression model, with specific performance foci.

If you do Tectonic programming, be sure to enter your times/scores, loads, and scaling notes into SugarWOD, just like you would when you're home. Your Tectonic Familia would still love to give you those virtual fist bumps for putting in work while you're away.

2. Drop In to a Nearby Box with a Great Reputation.

It's always fun to drop into other boxes because every CrossFit gym is unique in their approach, style, & atmosphere -- and yet things will feel familiar because they'll be speaking our same training language, even if their methodology might vary. You can learn a lot at other CrossFit gyms, just from observing different coaches, doing different programming, and interacting with another community of athletes. We also love when our athletes support the global CrossFit community.

We encourage you to contact the gym ahead of time to find out how they work with drop-ins, and do some Google, Facebook, and Instagram searching to learn more about what you can expect from the coaching & programming. Find a place where you can get solid workouts in with positive athletes & good support. 

3. Drop Into a Globo Gym With Barbells.

You might opt to drop into a 24-Hour Fitness, Gold's Gym, or any other corporate gym that has barbells. As above, we're happy to send you Tectonic's programming for your days away so you can approximate the workouts. Just make sure you don't Olympic Weightlifting movements with equipment that's not meant for it, as you might get hurt and you will probably get thrown out of their gym. And please -- never squat in a Smith machine.

4. Do a Hotel WOD.

If you don't have time, money, or access to any of the above, you can always hit some hotel workouts. Below are 10 workouts to help you get through, split into two categories: Hotel Gym WODs (which will involve some basic equipment) + Hotel Room WODs (no equipment necessary). All time domains and total rounds are flexible, depending on athlete capacity and time available. You can also always hit us up at info@tectoniccrossfit.com for more suggestions.

Safe travels, and have a great time!


    Hotel Gym WODs

    3 to 5 Rounds for Time

       • 6 dual dumbbell man makers, light to moderate weight

       • 12 dual dumbbell thrusters, light to moderate weight


    AMRAP (8 -10 min)

       • 20 alternating one-arm dumbbell snatches, moderately challenging weight

       • 5 burpees

       • 10 dual dumbbell front squats, moderately challenging weight

       • 5 burpees


    AMRAP (15-20 min)

    1 mile run / 2K row, then in remaining time, as many rounds as possible of:

       • 20 goblet squats, moderate weight

       • 10 dual dumbbell hang (squat) cleans, moderately challenging weight

       • 5L/5R single-arm dumbbell shoulder to overhead, challenging weight


    3 to 5 Rounds for Time

       • 15 slam balls, moderate weight

       • 15 AKBS, moderately challenging weight

       • 15 cal row


    5 rounds | 15 minutes | 1:30 work :: 1:30 rest

    18 (M) / 15 (F) cal row, then in remaining time:

       • AMRAP burpees over the rower


    Hotel Room WODs

    EMOM (10-20 min, or until can no longer be completed)

       • 10 pushups

       • 20 alternating shoulder taps

       • 10 alternating stationary lunges


    For Time

       • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 burpees

       • 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 situps


    For Time

       • 50 pushups

       • 75 air squats

       • 100 alternating mountain climbers

       • 75 air squats

       • 50 pushups


    AMRAP (10-20 min)

       • 5 clapping pushups / burpees

       • 10 alternating jumping lunges

       • 15 squat jumps

       • 20 alternating mountain climbers


    3 to 5 Rounds for Time

       • 12 pushups

       • 18 situps

       • 24 situps