Visit the Box: Drop-Ins, Punchcards, Tectonic Spine Sessions, & Scheduling a Free Trial

Intro to CrossFit: Free Open House WOD Saturdays 10-11am

A free weekly class for anyone new to CrossFit! This non-technical, introductory session is fully coached, and provides an introductory exposure to high intensity, functional movement, as well as a Q&A opportunity to learn more about CrossFit basics, on-boarding into our Foundations program, and becoming an athlete at Tectonic CrossFit.

Tectonic athletes, friends, & family are also welcome.


1. Basic introduction to training structure & methodology

2. First exposure to Tectonic coaching in real-time

3. Perform manageable functional movement patterns in a low-pressure atmosphere with no commitments

4. A free, simple, effective Saturday workout

5. Ask questions, articulate concerns, and get specific answers

Experienced CrossFit Drop-Ins

We warmly invite CrossFitters from other affiliates all over the globe, and relish the opportunity to provide you an excellent hour-long training session, take a look at your movements, share feedback & observations, & welcome you into our community. 

Drop-in fees:

  • $20: 1 session; $25 includes a Tshirt/Tank

  • $50: 1-week unlimited; $60 includes a Tshirt/Tank

  • $10/day: CrossFit L1 Coaches + up to 1 friend/partner

  • FREE (1 session): CrossFit Affiliate owners + up to 1 friend/partner

  • $225: 15-session CrossFit class punchcard (never expires; $15/class)

For L1 Coaches + Affiliate Owners, please just email us your affiliate information beforehand.

Tectonic Spine

Join your Mobility Coaches from BlueOx Yoga for a restorative session of calm stretching, designed to decompress and release the athlete’s muscles, connective tissue, and mental state.

Tectonic Spine facilitates increasing muscle flexibility, improving motor control, and strengthening joint stabilization. Mobility Coaches prioritize the ranges-of-motion regularly utilized in sport and strength & conditioning training models.

Drop-in fees:

  • $15: 1 session

  • $185: 15-session Tectonic Spine class punchcard (never expires; $12.33/class)



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