For whom is CrossFit designed?

A well-designed CrossFit gym provides excellent training grounds for proven, effective strength & conditioning for athletes of all stripes. Whether you want to keep up with your kids, tackle running-backs, train as a recreational triathlete, do kickflips, want to serve more aces, are a regular gym-goer chasing the pump, or are looking to get off the couch and get fit for the first time in your life... we're here to help you carve out the best version of yourself possible. However, it may not necessarily be the most appropriate fitness paradigm for everyone, or perhaps it might best serve as their auxiliary training program rather than their primary modality.

We encourage folks to consider these concepts as they weigh their decisions:

CrossFit is designed for fitness with athletic performance goals and real-life applications

We educate our athletes to ensure that they lift heavier, move better & faster, prioritize recovery, and feel great about their bodies across their lifespan. We build fitter human beings with optimal health & wellness in mind.

If your specific goal is bodybuilding, a CrossFit gym may not be the best fit for your intentions. CrossFit absolutely produces powerful physique and aesthetically oriented results: before and after photos of countless CrossFit athletes provide the proof in the pudding. However, bodybuilding is its own discipline, and its training methodology diverges greatly from strength performance sports. At Tectonic CrossFit, bodybuilding approaches are not the core of our strength & conditioning programming. Rather than focusing on size, proportion, and symmetry, our focus is on optimizing what your body can do. Do you get winded from bending over to tie your shoes, or carrying groceries up the stairs? Are you faster, stronger, and more explosive than you were last year? Are you confident in your own skin? There's an athlete inside every human beingwe're here to ignite the transformation. 


Why are there no mirrors?

We do not use mirrors in our gym, as they often interfere with training. It's important not to rely on mirrors when training for weightlifting, gymnastics, baseball, or any other explosive, technique-oriented, demanding sport. Relying on real-time visual feedback detracts from athletes developing "feel":

  • balance
  • position
  • dynamic movement
  • weight
  • timing
  • direction

Developing a sense of your body's spatial awareness, is critical to everything in functional athletics training. Visual interruption, at best, destroys smooth execution of consistent technique, and at worst, can be dangerous when it compromises spinal alignment. 

If you are a visual learner, the most valuable way to look at your lifts is to videotape your movements and review them afterward. When you are lifting or working on gymnastics positions, the only thing on your mind should be what you're about to execute. For real-time feedback, rely on your coaches! Great coaches see, report back, and provide the adjustments you need to focus on to become better.


Working hard, staying coachable, and training consistently are the keys to all progress in athletics

People who do not seek coaching or corrections may not find CrossFit facilities the right atmosphere; there is an abundance of large corporate and small private boutique gyms that do not provide any instruction or guidance whatsoever, because that is not their model. 

Our coaches are professionals. Because our strength & conditioning programming is designed with a macroview of our athlete community and the trajectory of their development over time, there is a basis & structure to our daily training. Program design at excellent CrossFit gyms is never random or arbitrary: there is purpose, and you should always be able to ask a coach to explain those purposes and how they fit into the bigger picture of what you have been doing. As in any other sport, our coaches instruct, correct, improve, guide, and follow-through to make better athletes every single day.



What people are saying about Tectonic:

The coaches really take the time to make sure you have proper form and are strengthening in the correct order to avoid injuries. Not only do they have great coaches but the people that attend are nice, encouraging, and helpful.
— Heather C

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