Youth Strength & Conditioning  | Sport-Specific Training

[Tectonic Youth Athlete Holt doing strength training for his positions in football & basketball.]

[Tectonic Youth Athlete Holt doing strength training for his positions in football & basketball.]


General Strength & Conditioning and Sport-Specific Performance Training

Currently, our minimum age for athletes is 12 years old;  they are welcome to attend classes accompanied by at least one parent/guardian. Like all new athletes, they must complete our Foundations series before participating in the regular classes. Athletes who are at least 15 years old may train unaccompanied.

While everyone can benefit from a well-designed strength & conditioning program to build general fitness, adolescent athletes require additional considerations as they navigate various stages of physical, mental, and emotional development.

Getting the most out of youth athletes requires particular attentiveness to training intensity & volume in order to prevent injury of connective tissues that have not yet reached maturity, to optimize their neuromuscular coordination learning curve, and to prevent burnout.

Finally, with youth who already participate in practices, scrimmages, competitive matches/games, and school-run strength & conditioning programs across multiple sports and seasons, effective & balanced training requires a deft approach. This mitigates injury risk, guards against overtraining, and maximizes productivity.

As such, oftentimes those seeking to optimize performance in their specific role in a sport will gain most from sports-specific training.

This requires an understanding of the individual athlete’s position and sport, as well as the most efficacious way to improve relevant athletic domains. As an example, a basketball center will benefit from a somewhat differentiated training program than a point guard, and certainly a basketball player should have different objectives in their strength & conditioning training than a cross country runner.

If you or your child is interested in learning more about our sports-specific youth athletics training program, either in- or off-season, contact us via email at